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Our goals are simple: To increase access to new and innovative services, improve the understanding of autism spectrum disorder, and create learning success stories, one student at a time.

Optimal Rhythms, Inc./ACCESS Academy in Newburgh, Indiana is an exciting new resource in the tri-state community and across the country. Our new ACCESS Academy, a private therapeutic day school, brings a choice in autism education and neurobehavioral services in Newburgh for non-speaking (or non-reliably speaking) students with motor and communication challenges.

Help for autism in Indiana is expanding and the outcomes are very encouraging. Through the success of important autism services at Integrative Music Therapy, LLC in Newburgh and Evansville, we have come to believe that an assumption of competence is the safest assumption when approaching autistic students. We seek to understand autism by asking the true "autism experts", the individuals and families who live it everyday.

We recognize the important and growing body of research regarding movement differences in autism. Specific neurologic music therapy based techiniques have been developed to increase functional movement through the application of rhythmic, sensory, and communication supports, making the students more independent and better able to demonstrate what they know and are learning. We have developed innovative supports which help nonverbal students on the spectrum increase their access to learning.

ACCESS Academy students who were once thought to be intellectually disabled are now soaring to meet academic goals with reduced behavioral issues in our general education environment. Parents are getting to know their children for the first time and families are buiding exciting plans for a future they never thougth possible!

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